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SM Management

Monthly Plans

The following plans are geared towards clients who want the most diligent, thorough, and collaborative support. As a social media manager, it is my goal to take as many tasks off your plate as possible, coaching you into how to gather and generate content efficiently, and creating strategies on a monthly basis to increase engagement rates and help you meet your business goals!

Branding Processes

Commission Plans

Branding processes vary according to each businesses needs. It's all about trying to find unique solutions to the unique problems or desires you have for your business. 

I am Still Moving

A communication design agency that specializes in Branding, Marketing and Social Media Management!

Founded in 2020 by Brandon Graf, Still Moving is a manifestation of resilience, creative problem solving, and generosity. With Still Moving, business owners get the chance to express the spirit of their offerings with Brandon who takes values and turns them into communicative visual identities and growth strategy.


Together, we can help represent and grow your business with branding, marketing, and social media strategies. 

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No business can thrive without a successful brand strategy. If you are a new or already existing business, I can help you develop your branding strategy and expression from scratch or re-evaluate and further inform the one you have.


Most clients believe their brand ends with a logo, and some color choices. However, this is an incomplete picture and will not lead to sustainability, accuracy or growth. In the chart below, only the things to the right of the dashed line are visible to your audience. Working with me on your brand is a deeply collaborative process where we uncover all of the branding elements listed on the chart. This process is guided by further explanations of these elements, keen questions, and assignments I curate based on your business and its goals. Once these elements are understood, your marketing and content creation will be reinforced and consistent in communication.


FREE first consultations are available to anyone who would like to know more about this process and if it is right for them. 

SM Foundation

Commission Plans

Social media commission plans are great for clients who want to maintain control over the management side of their pages but would still like new tools or advice on how to create operating systems. 


Through Social Media management & strategy, I help clients create pages that their customers and fan-base want to engage with and return to for sources of entertainment, education, opportunity, and value. Intentional marketing and branding strategies are applied so that each business owner can reach their targeted audience, hit their business goals, and move towards abundance!


Many business owners come to me frustrated by social media use, and only see it as more work with little return. My job is to shift these paradigms by creating customized strategies and operating systems that work for you, your desires, and reinvigorate your relationship towards social media! Social Media has the capacity to be your greatest opportunity to strengthen your relationship to your offerings, and those who want them.


Interested in knowing exactly how we would execute this process for your business?

Book a FREE first consultation with me! 






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